What does Viable Investment Development Mean?

What is Viable Investment & Development for Bayswater?

Bayswater needs more than another report. Parameters need to be set for quality investment to be viable.

The Structure Plan 2017

The commissioned report by the City of Bayswater for the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan  stated that

Development to at least 6 storeys is required in the Town Centre to displace existing uses and incentivise renewal/redevelopment.” (Australian Economic Consultants Group – report commissioned by City of Bayswater).
Structure Plan HERE

Building Bayswater Report  2018

The City of Bayswater's  PIA Award winning Building Bayswater Report concluded:-
“That the City consider density and height of R100 and 10 storeys in the immediate train station precinct down to an R60/ 4 storey height within the 800m walkable catchment”
Building Bayswater Report HERE & our previous blog on the Building Bayswater Report HERE

Property Council Submission to the City of Bayswater advised

“Recommend a minimum of 6-storey zoning with a focus on 10-storey products where appropriate.”
Submission HERE

All this work, feedback and advice from key experts recommend that higher intensity in the heart of the town centre is required to  attract the investment needed to produce the results you, the community, say you want.  

A minimum of 6 storeys and up to 10. The proposed guidelines suggest a maximum of 6 storeys. The opportunity to build up to 6 storeys has existed since 2012 ( SCA12) - and nix, nada nothing has happened. It's obvious that investment is not viable at this height.

The small bars, quirky shops and a thriving attractive town centre, that you say you want, is a product of investment.

The Design Guidelines must do more than plot building envelopes, it MUST set the parameters to attract investment. Quality investment.

Without investment:-

  • the  heritage buildings are at risk of further degradation
  • this south side of the track will wither and die with any investment being drawn to the north. Can this south side be any more moribund?


The Draft Design Guidelines for the Bayswater Town Centre increase the intensity and development viability on the northern side of the station. Railway Pd and Beechboro Rd.

The Draft Design Guidelines for the Bayswater Town Centre DO NOT create the conditions for viable development in the  existing  portion of the Town Centre along King William and Whatley Cres.

The height restriction is essentially the same as the last 9 years which has attracted ZERO investment.  The set backs are more onerous.

The proposed guidelines have failed to protect and drive investment  in the only part of the Town Centre that has a pulse.

 It's important that the Design Guidelines respond to the  Design Strategy appropriately, and provide the real opportunities to make investment viable and attractive in the Whatley/King William precinct.
The town centre has suffered enough "reports" that lead no where.


Let Development WA hear from you that...
"The Whatley/King William precinct heights and setbacks need to be reviewed to attract quality investment to drive the renaissance of Bayswater."

DevWA comments form HERE (final date 26th August )
Why not wait until you've read all the pros and cons over the next few weeks in the blogs. 
We'll provide a summary as a final piece in this series.

Metronet East Bayswater Draft Design Guidelines can be found in full HERE.

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