Trees Matter!

Trees Matter!

It's time for the Bayswater Town Centre to grow up...
not out.

Let’s Protect our Trees and Environment.

When reviewing and providing feedback on the Draft Design Guidelines for the Bayswater Town Centre– consider why ‘building up’ in the Town Centre is far better for our environment than ‘building out’ into the burbs.

  • It takes all of us to stop the sprawl – Perth's urban sprawl is endangering Western Australia's biodiversity hotspot. Everytime we build up, we save an area of land and trees from being cleared.
  • Ditch Dumb Density! – The way we increase density now, divides up our suburbs and backyards and destroys existing tree canopy. If we want to see smarter density building up around the train stations and town centres is the answer. This protects the quality of our suburbs, backyards and urban tree canopy. 
  • Tackle Terrible Tree Data! - In the 2020 National Benchmark Report by RMIT University rated the City of Bayswater AS THE WORST of all like Councils in Australia for grey growth (hard space such as driveways) – which creates the “heat island effect”. To make matters worse the City of Bayswater also had the LOWEST INCREASE OF TREE CANOPY of all Councils of the same type in Australia. Increasing density with height right in the town centre tackles this issue and protects existing urban tree canopy.


 The Draft Bayswater Design Guidelines supports the protection of  the existing tree canopy by increasing density by height, and  addresses the requirement for new trees and deep soil areas in each new development.


Leave your comments regarding the draft design guidelines on the
DevelopmentWA Comments Form HERE (final date 26th August )
Why not wait until you've read all the pros and cons over the next few weeks in the blogs.
We'll provide a summary as a final piece in the series.

Metronet East Bayswater Draft Design Guidelines can be found in full HERE.

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