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It has been brought to our attention that certain claims have been made about the "Free Rent"offered to #FuBa  referred to in the Eastern Reporter article below.

Disgusting comments included "lack of transparency", "fraudulent", "misrepresentation", "dodgy as $3!+", "bullies" and "misled council".

The innuendo was outrageous if not slanderous and certainly inappropriately inflamed by a member of the Bayswater Council.

A view of the fronts of 9-11 King William Street

The Eastern Reporter article is HERE


A simple phone call or email request would have cleared up the facts. But here they all are anyway...

The FuBa Hub at 9 King William Street and the lease arrangements with YOLK Developments:-

  • Future Bayswater approached the owner of 9 King William Street -Yolk Property Pty Ltd, to use and activate the building
  • This building had been  vacant for most of the last 30 years.
  • It was being used by Howdy and Baysie Rollers as storage
  • FuBa  felt there was an opportunity to use this space for community activities.
  • FuBa was granted the same lease arrangement as Howdy Coffee (11 King William Street)
  • •Our arrangement was to cover approximately $8,000 per annum for following items:-
  •  council rates; 
  • water rates
  • property tax utilities and
  • maintenance. 
  • Plus we have paid for other infrastructure. 
  • This has predominantly been paid out of the pockets of our volunteers and by fundraising and recently partially by grants.
    Bunnings BBQ 27 July 2019   
    Bunnings BBQ 2 March 2019

    For the Record... again:-

    • We survive on good will and very little money.
    • We have not received funding from any developer and we have no financial relationship with Yolk other than being granted use of their property and the above arrangement, commonly known as a ‘peppercorn rent’.
    • We have NEVER said we pay ‘commercial’ rent for the use of the premises. This is a blatant untruth. In all our submissions we have made this clear and this has been understood by every party that we deal with, sponsors, and grant funders. The Due Diligence required is onerous and complied with.
    • Future Bayswater Community Group Incorporated is fully compliant with the Legislation, and our members vote on the accuracy of our accounts and activities.

    And... let's set some other things straight:-

    • The building was derelict when we took it over
    • We removed syringes and dirty filthy rubbish to clean up a rat infested dilapidated property to make it habitable.
    • Every piece of furniture in the hub has been donated or created. We are resourceful.
    • The Future Bayswater Facebook Page is a "positive forum for those who want to see viable investment and future development in the Bayswater Townsite and the precinct surrounding the Meltham Train Station".
      If you make  racist comments,  are slanderous or indulge in bullying you will be banned.  
      You can read the Rules of Engagement HERE

    While the keyboard warriors were whining and creating falsehoods, always dividing the community, Future Bayswater was busy creating a community and volunteering at the Bayswater Growers' Market.


    • The Bayswater Growers’ Market
    • Established the Free Food Street Pantry ($500 per week given away) to support those in need to collect free groceries and person items (with generous support from our wonderful local community)
    • An expert speaker series, with over 25 renowned professionals and presenters on topics such as heritage; urban planning; environmental sustainability; town and urban planning; place making; economic development; property market; apartment living; architecture and more.
    • Strong advocacy for quality planning and architecture including influencing the Council’s decision to develop a structure plan for Bayswater and form an expert Design Advisory Committee
    • A unique partnership with Curtin University to support town planning and architecture students to use the Future Bayswater Hub as a venue to study the Bayswater Town Centre and Industrial Area
    • Delivered a range of community events and activities to attract people to the town centre and engage in discussions about the future of their town centre
    • Developed town revitalisation strategies with a focus on “people” “place” and “prosperity”
    • Activated an old and run-down property in the middle of the town centre that has been vacant for much of the last 30 years
    • Support for local businesses and organisations 

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