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Survey Report  
Bayswater Town Centre Visitor Experience and Demand for Shops and Services & perceptions of the precinct
 The results from the Bayswater Town Centre & Train Station feedback from 565 locals about their current level of visitation and their ideas to improve things for the future.

Now available to you, are the Survey Report, Presentation slide-deck(see above and click through) and live stream videos (1 and 2).

The Bayswater Traders Association INC (BTA) in association with Future Bayswater Community Group INC (FuBa), commissioned an independent market researcher to identify where the greatest community interest and demand is for shops and services in the Bayswater Town Centre:

  • People’s level of visitation to the Bayswater Town Centre;
  • People’s perceptions of the Bayswater Town Centre precinct; and
  • People’s preferences for the types of retail and services to fill the vacant tenancies at the newly developed Bayswater Train Station and in the Bayswater Town Centre.

The survey report provides insightful consumer demand data to help inform decisions made in relation to vacant tenancies and also seeks to provide a community voice to help attract investment and businesses to the Town Centre and help inform stakeholders future decisions in relation to the town centre.

With significant government investment in the Bayswater Town Centre, via the development of the new Bayswater Train Station and the development of a new planning framework initiated by Development WA to foster future mixed use and residential development, there is a significant opportunity to revitalize the heart of Bayswater and deliver on the WA Government’s METRONET vision.

Currently there are numerous vacant tenancies, under private ownership as well as new 10 tenancies at the train station, which are under WA State Government ownership.

In an effort to try to help identify where the greatest demand is for filling these tenancies the BTA and FuBa funded a community survey to identify where the greatest interest and demand is for shops and services in Bayswater, as well as investigate people’s level of visitation to the town centre, and their perceptions of the precinct.

Nearly all (95%) of the 565 survey respondents said they would visit the town centre more often (and support existing businesses) if there was more shops and services on offer.

Collectively we want to see more people supporting local businesses and by advocating to property owners and METRONET to focus on filling vacant tenancies with what people want to see it will help

The Three Big Ideas

Enhanced Dining & Social Venues

This includes more cafes, restaurants, bars, and street dining options, with a particular emphasis on evening venues to revitalise the area's social life

Convenient Produce Stores

Respondents desire more local grocery options such as bakeries, fruit and vegetable markets, butcher and supermarkets.

Increased greenery and better public spaces

Calls for more street trees, green spaces, and dog-friendly areas were prominent, enhancing the environmental and leisure aspects of the Town Centre.

As discussed at the community briefing session at King Somm -- by supporting new businesses to come to town it is actually very helpful to existing businesses as it creates a more thriving centre and provides more reasons for people to come and support both existing and new businesses. It’s not one or the other.

Nothing is worse for existing businesses than lots of empty shops and tenancies.

We all want what’s best for our Town centre and its businesses!

Let’s all continue to do our bit to help with that!

Greg Da Rui
Bayswater Traders Association INC

Paul Shanahan
Future Bayswater Community Group Inc

Power point presentation: see at top of page.
Survey Report
Facebook live stream 1 What the data says
Facebook live stream 2 Big ideas and Q+A

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