A Sticky Situation…

A Sticky Situation in the Baysie Community...

The Future Bayswater community group has recently been the target of a petty vandalism campaign, with the pasting of anonymous stickers and posters which have damaged public and private property.

A vandal has been identified and action has been taken by the Police.

With this irritating matter hopefully behind us, here's an opportunity to address a few issues and clear the air.

Future Bayswater believes a community is made of myriad different people with diverse perspectives and opinions. This is a strength. Different people approach problems differently from one another; they arrive at different solutions that a homogeneous organisation may never even consider. Diversity is strength. But diversity also means there will be diverse opinions. 

Attacking people who have differing opinions via a sticker campaign or derogatory social media posts is not the way we think caring and positive community members want to see things happen. ​

While this vandalism campaign had no impact on Future Bayswater, unfortunately it did impact public property and local businesses. It isn’t Future Bayswater nor the vandals that have to pay for the repairs and repainting, it’s you – it’s all of us via our rates and taxes and train fares.

It’s the local business owners, who have to spend time and money removing stickers from their shopfronts, and repainting their buildings. It seems this wasn’t even considered by those doing the sticking up of the posters or by those celebrating it on social media.

While these attackers were vandalising property, Future Bayswater community volunteers were:

  • Engaging a large number of locals to discuss how Bayswater can cater for ‘People, Place and Prosperity’.
  • Working with nearly 80 Planning and Architecture students from Curtin University studying the Bayswater Town Centre as a real-life project.
  • Spending countless hours organising the next Beats, Burgers, Bao, Beers and Ideas -- an open and free event for the whole community. Everyone’s welcome, whether you agree with us or not (except you, Sticker Guy!).
  • Working with your local community to develop sustainable initiatives that will benefit the environment.
  • Meeting with people to create a community of locals who want to invest their time and skills to support our town centre.
It’s strange that someone who is apparently so concerned about preserving the heritage integrity of the Town Centre is willing to damage heritage properties just to harass a community group they disagree with? We think Bayswater deserves much better.

Such a shame that their energy hasn’t been used to contribute, rather than attack others for having a different opinion. Bayswater has an amazing community, and Future Bayswater seeks to create a positive future for our town centre and neighbourhood that reflects the full breadth of this community. 

What we are asking, is for everyone to consider: What do you want?

  • Do you want to engage with a diverse and progressive grass roots organisation that seeks to harness the vision of the local community?
  • Do you want to see diverse housing options in Bayswater town centre, so our trees and gardens can be preserved, and our kids and elders aren’t priced out to the urban fringe?
  • Do you want to see a vibrant and appealing town centre where you will spend your time, rather than going elsewhere?

If the answer is YES, then Future Bayswater encourages you to take a positive approach.

The Future Bayswater community committee is entirely made up of residents volunteering their time – there is not one ‘evil greedy’ developer in the committee, contrary to the vandal’s ongoing claims.

Our efforts have been recognised by the City of Bayswater with the 2016 Community Citizen of the Year Award, and numerous Planning Institute of Australia awards. But most importantly we have made great friends, created positive connections and continue to promote a positive approach to creating an even better future for our town.

It’s Time to support positivity.

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