Reclassify Bayswater Town Centre

Reclassifying Bayswater Town Centre to an Activity Centre will support
urban regeneration and a higher priority from the State Government

Train at Bayswater Train Station

What did we Ask?

1. Will your government ( Will you as a member of parliament) commit to reclassifying the Bayswater Town Centre from a Station Precinct to an Activity Centre in the metropolitan strategic plan and from Neighbourhood Centre to District Activity Centre in State Planning Policy? If yes, how?

Why did we ask it?

Bayswater town centre is classified a Station Precinct, rather than a higher status Activity Centre, in 'Perth and Peel at 3.5 million' the draft strategic plan for the metropolitan region. The origin of this classification predates the decision to build the Forrestfield Airport Link. This key piece of rail infrastructure is a game-changer for Bayswater to realise the potential for tourism, business and accommodation services within a thriving urban hub. Bayswater should be reclassified as an Activity Centre so that any planning is appropriately scoped and resourced, and this opportunity is not squandered.


Labor Response - Lisa Baker MLA

WA Labor acknowledges that there are changes required in order to upgrade the town and station precincts and will support reclassification recommendations relevant to the upgrade of this area

Liberal Response - Amanda Madden

I am assured by the Minister for Planning that the Department of Planning and the City of Bayswater are preparing an Activity Centre Structure Plan which will consider the status of this centre in relation to other activity centres, for example Morley.

Greens' Response - Caroline Perks

In regards to the specifics in this question, I would commit to continuing to investigate the re-classification the Bayswater Town Centre and I would commit to undertaking comprehensive community consultation to ensure that this would be supported by the local community and by local businesses.

Julie Matheson for WA - Greg Smith