Meltham Train Station

Meltham Station is an important train station for many residents in Bayswater and Maylands 

Meltham Train Station

What did we ask?

1. Will your government (Will you as a member of parliament) ever close Meltham Train Station?

Why did we ask it?

During 2016, local media reported that current low patronage figures at Meltham train station may result in the potential closure of the train station. Future Bayswater wanted a definitive response on this topic. 


Labor Response - Lisa Baker MLA

WA Labor is committed to good public transport systems…not closing down stations like Meltham!

Liberal Response - Amanda Madden

Having met and talked with the Minister for Transport Hon Bill Marmion MLA, I can confirm that a Liberal Government has no current plans to close Meltham Station. In fact, under the WA Liberal Government, Meltham Station received an approximately $2 million upgrade over the past eighteen months to ensure that the facilities are able to handle increased demand as well ensuring the safety of transport users. I have personally followed up on this and have mail box dropped local residents in this area to re-assure them that a Liberal Government has no plans to close this station – as always, ours is the Party with the strongest track record on public transport.

Greens' Response - Caroline Perks

The Greens would not support the closure of the Meltham Train Station, but instead would encourage the revitalisation of the area to increase accessibility and use of the station. The Greens are passionate about public transport and understand that if you get the transport right then you can design our cities and local areas better.

I am committed to supporting the improvement of urban planning and public transport generally and to the revitalisation of our local town centres like Bayswater to create a more connected, liveable and sustainable WA.

Julie Matheson for WA - Greg Smith


Image attribution Meltham Train Station: By Shinjiman - Own work, Public Domain,