Support for an economically viable hub.

The Bayswater Town Centre needs support to attract new business, industry and local jobs.

Train at Bayswater Train Station

What did we Ask?

1. How will your government (will you as a member of parliament) ensure the Bayswater Town Centre matures to become a vibrant, connected pedestrian friendly and economically viable employment hub?

Why did we ask it?

Future Bayswater has a vision of a connected, liveable and vibrant Bayswater town centre. The City of Bayswater is focused on delivering a structure plan for the area which we applaud. Delivering on the intent within this structure plan will be helped by joint effort from all levels of government. We are keen to know what our local State Government representative can do to help take this structure plan to the next level.


Labor Response - Lisa Baker MLA

Community involvement in planning is the start. A properly thought out charette process to define the details of how we want the future to look in Bayswater. Through community and other stakeholder involvement in creating appropriate 21st century jobs, planning and transport solutions. 

The Bayswater station precinct will be the starting point for the Forrestfield Airport rail link and also the starting point for METRONET’s Morley-Ellenbrook line which will commence in 2019. If elected, WA Labor will commence work to establish the right engineering solution for the new lines including pursuing alternative funding for the future. Initial options include planning a 21st Century development combining new jobs, industry and housing along the Bayswater, Belmont, Airport and Forrestfield rail link

Liberal Response - Amanda Madden

I support a vision which encompasses a mixed-use environment. Providing a town centre that attracts people to live, shop, eat and socialise in the area. An area that is not just a road that passes through but an area that is community focused, pedestrian friendly, liveable and vibrant. A Liberal Government understands liveable, accessible cities with clean environments – both major and regional – are essential economic assets. A collaborative approach to cities is important for making measurable differences to people’s quality of life and delivering jobs and growth. A Liberal government will continue to work closely with the City of Bayswater, the Federal government and community organisations and build on developing infrastructure such as the Forrestfield Airport Link to ensure the development of Bayswater Town Centre.

Greens' Response - Caroline Perks

Absolutely. The Greens thoroughly support the revitalisation of the Bayswater train station and town centre to create a vibrant, connected pedestrian friendly, and economically viable hub. If elected, I will work to create a more connected, liveable and sustainable Bayswater utilising comprehensive community consultation.

Julie Matheson for WA - Greg Smith

I would repeal the 7 storey tps amendment ( sca12 ) and start with a real heritage/identity analysis & recognition and subsequently look at development options based on heritage/tree retention preservation ,and only approve intelligent robust development ( construction, demolition,use ).