Role of State Government

Best practice urban regeneration will require coordination within State Government and commitment and involvement across levels of government. 

Train at Bayswater Train Station

What did we Ask?

1. Will your government (will you as a member of parliament) commit to ensure that state agencies are proactive and coordinated in supporting the revitalisation of Bayswater that integrates urban planning with transport planning (e.g. by engaging MRA, LandCorp or other strategies)?

Why did we ask it?

The urban regeneration of Town Centres involves collaboration with many stakeholders including local residents, local businesses and state government departments. Bayswater Town Centres strategic location as a key transport precinct will require the support of key state government departments such as the Public Transport Authority, Department of Transport, Main Roads Western Australia, Department of Planning and Western Australian Planning Commission. These State Government agencies work in partnership with the City of Bayswater to ensure the communities vision for the sustainable urban regeneration of Bayswater Town Centre can be achieved. 


Labor Response - Lisa Baker MLA

WA Labor is committed to reviewing transport and planning structures and policies to achieve better outcomes for the future. We will ensure that the appropriate state agency leads the upgrade and redevelopment of Bayswater.

Liberal Response - Amanda Madden

The revitalisation of our local Bayswater community is of critical importance, and I have long been a passionate advocate for seeing it made an even more vibrant, welcoming and active place to live. Importantly, I am proud to have played a role in opening a full dialogue on this topic, having hosted the meeting between Future Bayswater and both the Planning Minister and the Deputy Premier has allowed the vision of your group to be clearly communicated. Following that initial meeting, both Hon Michael Sutherland MLA – Member for Mount Lawley – and I have been sure to follow up with the relevant Ministers to ensure that this vision is at the forefront of conversations going forward.

Greens' Response - Caroline Perks

The Greens support the integration of urban planning and transport planning, which is demonstrated within our #Designperth initiative outlined above. [Editor note - see Caroline's previous response]

Additionally, the Greens are committed to creating an active transport system that is usable and accessible for everyone, which includes walking, cycling, and public transport. The Greens believe that this vision needs to be strongly encouraged and supported by the State Government and that there need to be coordination between the relevant state agencies to better integrate urban planning with transport planning strategies. This will ensure that we limit urban sprawl and can preserve urban tree canopy and precious places such as local wetlands and urban bushlands.

Julie  Matheson for WA - Greg Smith