Welcome to the Future Bayswater State Election Guide
11 March, 2017

We've done the hard work for you!

In early January 2017, Future Bayswater contacted all the known candidates for the seat of Maylands to outline their commitments to the Bayswater Town Centre and Meltham Station.

We appreciate the time it takes for busy candidates to respond. Bayswater is important to us all and we need to understand the commitments and priorities from each candidate and associated party prior to the election.

Meantime we have been busy keeping the conversation going with local and federal representatives and ministers. 

Future Bayswater will never tell you how to vote. 

We stand firmly committed to being non political and non partisan.

Elections are about choices. Bayswater Town Centre has reached a crossroads and you the voter can influence how the future of this town centre will be shaped.

You may have already made up your mind - or you may not even be aware there is an election coming up - either way it's time to start weighing up your choices.

What to do

Click on the images below for the six issues to discover what each party told us on the relevant topic.

If you wish to read the entire written responses form the candidates, links are provided below.

Vote for the candidate whose promises for Bayswater 
match up with what you think is important.

Download the full set of questions asked and the responses 

Note, we have ordered the responses so the current sitting member for the Seat of Maylands has the first right of reply. It does not reflect any preferences on the part of Future Bayswater. In addition, Seat of Maylands candidates known at 12 January 2017 were contacted for their responses. Responses for other party candidates will be contacted and responses added to this site. 

This Election Guide Project was Inspired by Future Perth State Election Guide 2013 - thanks guys!

 Image Attribution Meltham Train Station : By Shinjiman - Own work, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=199860