Future Bayswater
Speaker Series  #5

Sexy Bayswater + Healthy Bayswater!

Hon. Donna Faragher MLC, Minister for Planning; Disability Services - Opening Speech
Anna Chauvel - Director of PLACE Laboratory, Landscape Architect
Trevor Shilton - Member of the Board, UWA, Centre for Built Environment & Health
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15 September 2016

Bayswater Hotel.
78 Railway Pde Bayswater
 7pm start
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Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Anna Chauvel
Sex in the City

When people think about cities they often focus on the component parts that make up the city fabric - like streets,buildings, cafes, buses, and traffic.

At Place Laboratory when we think about cities, we don’t just see the building blocks we see all the places that make people feel welcome.At Place Laboratory when we think about cities, we don’t just see the building blocks we see all the places that make people feel welcome.

We see the in-between, the intimate, and the special spaces and places that make people feel connected. Put simply we see the place and the stories people bring to the city as an intertwined whole.

Spaces filled with people, spaces that are lively and enjoyable - these are the key to a great city. They bring the city to life and make it a place we all want to visit and live.

But what makes a great place?
What attracts people?
What is its point of difference?
What will make people feel welcome?
What makes them stay longer?
How can public space be enjoyable?
How can public space be for everyone, regardless of age, culture, and circumstance?
And what will they do while they are in the space?

Responding to these questions is what we call ‘place activation’ - the process of putting people first and actively engaging them in the symphony of city life.

Future Bayswater Speaker  John Del Dosso

Trevor Shilton
Your Postcode and your Health

Our neighbourhood and our health have always been closely linked. In fact, in the last century planning solutions were major contributors to eradicating infectious diseases. Today the drivers of our modern epidemics of obesity, inactivity and poor nutrition also connect with the way we build our cities and neighbourhoods. Equally, healthy planning can make active and healthy choices easier for the community. 

The evidence is growing about how the places where we live and work and play – our buildings, open spaces and streetscapes can directly affect our wellbeing.

It is important to get the evidence and tools into the hands of those who design and build our communities.

Healthy Active by Design (HABD) is a web-based urban planning tool launched in Western Australia in February 2014.

It was developed in partnership by the Heart Foundation with key Government Departments of Planning, Transport, Sport and Recreation and Health, and other key professional stakeholders including the University of Western Australia’s Centre for Built Environment and Health.

HABD aims to provide guidance and advocate for environments that encourage people to be more active and to be healthy.

The online resources provide planners and related professionals and groups with online flexible guidance and tools to assist in how to integrate health considerations into master planning and design processes.

The HABD tool provides
(1) the latest scientific evidence
(2) practical guidance on how to implement
(3) quick links to policy
(4) examples and case studies
(5) user friendly tools and check lists.

Seats are limited.
Thursday 15 September, Bayswater Hotel, 7.00pm Start.

Meet The Speakers

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Anna Chauvel
Managing Director of Place Laboratory.

Anna has established herself as one of Perth’s leading landscape architects. She now leads PLACE Laboratory as well as playing a key role in setting the design direction for the studio – ensuring clients’ visions are translated into beautiful and functional design outcomes.

Anna has extensive urban design and landscape architectural experience at a leadership level. Many clients consider her as the Vision Keeper, ensuring that the Vision and Values are integral throughout the design process.

Anna’s particular design focus is on the development of the public realm. Through her work she has developed a design process and methodology that seeks to express the cultural, social, ecological and historical references of a place within contemporary design outcomes.

She has worked with a wide range of clients including Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA), Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre, Curtin University, Department of Housing, City of Stirling, Education Department, Australand, Town of Kwinana, PEET, Cedar Woods, Mirvac, Brookfield, Lend Lease, and the City of Bunbury.

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Trevor Shilton
Director of Cardiovascular Health at the National Heart Foundation of Australia, and is the Heart Foundation’s National Lead for Physical Activity.

He is also Adjunct Professor in the School of Public Health at Curtin University and Adjunct Associate Professor in the School of Sport Science Exercise and Health, the University of Western Australia and a member of the Board, UWA, Centre for Built Environment and Health.

Internationally Trevor is Global Vice President for Advocacy of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), and manages that organisation’s global advocacy. He is also Chairman of Global Advocacy for Physical Activity (GAPA), the Advocacy Council of ISPAH (the International Society for Physical Activity and Health). In his native Australia Trevor was the founding National President of the Australian Health Promotion Association (AHPA) and is a Life Member of AHPA.

Trevor’s principal research and health promotion interests are in NCD prevention, advocacy, policy and programs relating to physical activity and obesity, workforce development, Aboriginal health and social marketing.

He has directed major community-wide initiatives, including social marketing campaigns in obesity, physical activity and tobacco, as well as state-wide and national initiatives in workplace health and school health.

Trevor has over 25 years experience in health promotion practice, policy and research and has published book chapters and over 60 papers in peer reviewed journals. He has given many national and international conference presentations and workshops. He has participated in guideline and policy development in Australia, Canada, Asia and the United States and at global level with the WHO and leading Civil Society organisations.

Seats are limited. Register NOW!
 Bayswater Hotel,7.00pm start

Future Bayswater Speaker Series

Thursday Nights,  7pm start

Guest Speakers include
Piers Verstegen - Conservation Council WA
Chiara Pacifici - Head of Sustainability at Psaros
Jemma Green - Research Fellow, Curtin Uni, Councillor, City of Perth, Co-Founder and Chair, Power Ledger
Samantha Reece - WA Apartment Advocacy
Phil Griffiths - Phil Griffiths - Heritage Architect and member of The Heritage Council WA
Kylee Schoonens-  Architect Fratelle Group; Guildford Hotel
Professor Peter Newman
- Curtin Uni Sustainable Policy Institute ( CUSP)
James Best - STAR Consulting - Community Visioning & Collective Impact Expert
Malcolm MacKay - Urban Design & Infill Expert
Bill Hames - Planner, Urban Designer, Architect, Developer
Phil Gresley -  Director, Gresley Abas Architects and Urban Designers
Dr Julian Bolleter - Assistant Professor at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) 
John Del Dosso - Director Valuation and Advisory Services at Colliers International Australia
Stewart Doran - PIA Young Planner, WA, 2015; Co-founder 'Perth Urbanist' website
Keiran Wong - Architect, Co-author of #designperth
Marion Fulker - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at UWA & CEO Committee for Perth
Trevor Shilton - Director of Cardiovascular Health at the National Heart Foundation (WA) & the Foundation’s national lead for Active LIving.

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Future Bayswater: Future Vision

What is wanted? A livable, vibrant and connected Town Centre.
Why? To become a "go-to" destination rather than a "go through" in desperation.
How to do this? By supporting a comprehensive Future Vision via an Activity Centre Plan.
Why Bayswater? It's a strategic inner urban hub that hasn't realised its full potential ... yet.