Future Bayswater
Speaker Series  #7

Conservation, Sustainability + Property Developers!

Opening Speaker:
Rita Saffioti - 
Shadow Minister for Planning; Finance; Transport; Infrastructure

Piers Verstegen
-  Director at Conservation Council of Western Australia
Chiara Pacifici - Head of Sustainability at Psaros, Founder Green Gurus
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 13 October 2016

Bayswater Lacrosse Club:  Change of Venue!!!
2 Coode St Bayswater

 7pm start
Seats are limited - Registrations opening soon.

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

PIers Verstegen
Towards a Sustainable City in a Biodiversity Hotspot 

The Perth-Peel region lies at the heart of one of the most ecologically rich places on Earth; yet the prevailing model of urban development is a pathway toward extinction of native wildlife and is delivering an expensive, unsustainable and unlivable city.  

A new model of planning and development is urgently required, and research shows that Perth residents are ready to embrace this change.

Piers will discuss how Perth can be transformed to a sustainable 21st century city that allows the preservation of its unique natural heritage while improving the quality of life of its residents.

Future Bayswater Speaker  John Del Dosso

Chiara Pacifici
What Perth wants: Environmentally Sustainable Apartments

A rare partnership was formed between an environmental protection group and a leading Perth property developer to better understand community sentiment towards density and apartment style buildings within a 10km radius of Perth.

The What Perth Wants market research shows that Perth residents are ready to embrace change and development that delivers a more environmentally sustainable, more affordable and more liveable city. The research indicates strong support for relaxing building height limits if these buildings are environmentally friendly, and reduce the need for car dependence – being primarily located on or around public transport nodes.

Chiara will discuss these findings and the journey Psaros has taken to disrupt the industry and lift the bar in environmentally considered apartment buildings.

Seats are limited.
Thursday 13 October, Bayswater Lacrosse Club, 7.00pm Start.

Meet The Speakers

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Piers is the Executive Director of the Conservation Council of WA and the Vice President of the Australian Conservation Foundation.

He has been named by the West Australian newspaper as one of WA's 100 most influential people for his environmental advocacy and community leadership.

Piers serves on the Advisory Board for the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute and has worked as a senior policy advisor with diverse experience in environmental science, law, politics and economics.

Piers is committed to supporting communities and individuals in achieving a more sustainable future, especially through democratic participation.

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Chiara Pacifici
Head of Sustainability at Psaros, Founder Green Gurus

Chiara thrives on helping people and organisations transition towards a more sustainable future. She has worked directly with the real estate industry, property development sector, not for profit organisations and all levels of government to develop and implement sustainability initiatives and programs. With a strong and successful background in real estate for just under two decades, Chiara completed a Masters in Sustainability Studies at Curtin University and joined the two industries to help evolve the green building revolution.

In 2013 Chiara developed an award winning corporate sustainability strategy for Psaros to help them achieve long lasting sustainability outcomes and collaborates with a range of stakeholders to embed environmental, financial and social improvements to Psaros apartment buildings including Life Cycle thinking as part of design, inclusion of low-carbon technology, public engagement, education and awareness and higher sustainability standards in design, construction and in strata governance.

Chiara pioneered strata title governance of sustainability infrastructure in Western Australia, and co-authored a paper to government that examined how strata title legislation may be improved to facilitate the installation of sustainability infrastructure in proposed Strata Title Reforms. Read more here: https://greengurus.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/Strata-Title-and-Sustainability-Infrastructure-in-Western-Australia-Cockman.T-Pacifici.C..pdf

Chiara is also founder of Green Gurus™, a sustainability education and consultation group that works to better engage, inform and educate the property sector in Australia on the benefits of sustainability in property. See more here: https://greengurus.com.au

Seats are limited.
Thursday 13 October, Bayswater Lacrosse Club,7.00pm start

Future Bayswater Speaker Series

Thursday Nights,  7pm start

Guest Speakers include
Piers Verstegen - Conservation Council WA
Chiara Pacifici - Head of Sustainability at Psaros
Jemma Green - Research Fellow, Curtin Uni, Councillor, City of Perth, Co-Founder and Chair, Power Ledger
Samantha Reece - WA Apartment Advocacy
Phil Griffiths - Phil Griffiths - Heritage Architect and member of The Heritage Council WA
Kylee Schoonens-  Architect Fratelle Group; Guildford Hotel
Professor Peter Newman
- Curtin Uni Sustainable Policy Institute ( CUSP)
James Best - STAR Consulting - Community Visioning & Collective Impact Expert
Malcolm MacKay - Urban Design & Infill Expert
Bill Hames - Planner, Urban Designer, Architect, Developer
Phil Gresley -  Director, Gresley Abas Architects and Urban Designers
Dr Julian Bolleter - Assistant Professor at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) 
John Del Dosso - Director Valuation and Advisory Services at Colliers International Australia
Stewart Doran - PIA Young Planner, WA, 2015; Co-founder 'Perth Urbanist' website
Keiran Wong - Architect, Co-author of #designperth
Marion Fulker - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at UWA & CEO Committee for Perth
Trevor Shilton - Director of Cardiovascular Health at the National Heart Foundation (WA) & the Foundation’s national lead for Active LIving.

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