Future Bayswater
Speaker Series  #4

"Design Matters!" + "Making Better Places"

Kieran Wong
-  Director at CODA & co-author of #designperth
Philip Gresley - Director of Gresley Abas Architects
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 1 September 2016

Bayswater Hotel.
78 Railway Pde Bayswater
 7pm start
Seats are limited - Registrations opening soon.

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Kieran Wong
Design Matters!

We need to start prioritising the better design of our city, and in particular infill. Not just what it looks like, but how it works, both for the occupant and also the wider community.

Design Matters!

Kieran will draw on his work as the Director of CODA and lead author on the recently released report #designperth.

Devised as a collaboration between
              The Australian Greens,
              Property Council of Australia (WA), and 
              Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (CUSP),
#designperth not only delivers a comprehensive analysis but comprehensive recommendations for effectively engaging with the community, ensuring the design thinking is paramount and responding sensitively to context.

#designperth outlines a vision for Perth that utilises design thinking and expertise to leverage greater outcomes for communities on key infill sites across the metropolitan region. #designperth imagines a more vibrant people orientated delivery of density, not simply measured in the number of people per hectare but in quality and access to social and public amenity and infrastructure.

Future Bayswater Speaker  John Del Dosso

Philip Gresley
Making Better Places to Live, Work and Play

It is very reasonable to have high expectations for the quality of the built form outcomes for any evolving precinct.

“What makes good design happen and how do we ensure that it happens here in Bayswater?”

Philip shares the latest considerations being investigated for the reform of our state planning system which aim to create better design outcomes in our communities. With the current debate over DAP’s and with communities expressing nervousness about higher densities, Philip will discuss how there are moves afoot to introduce important changes to the way communities are shaped.

Recently engaged by the Department of Planning as the lead consultant to deliver an Apartment Design Guide, Philip will describe how the future of higher quality apartment buildings is in the replacement of the aging R-Codes for multiple dwelling developments. He will discuss how local governments and their communities can, and must, be actively involved.

Seats are limited.
Thursday 1 September, Bayswater Hotel, 7.00pm Start.

Meet The Speakers

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Kieran Wong
Director at CODA Architecture & Urban Design and co-author of #designperth

Kieran is a co-founder and Design Director of CODA, a multidisciplinary practice that works across architecture, urban design and strategic place planning, community infrastructure, affordable housing, interior design, urban research and policy.

Kieran’s work is underpinned by the belief that design matters. He believes in the ability of good design to influence positive outcomes, not just for individuals, but for the wider community.

Since 1997 CODA has delivered a portfolio of award-winning projects that have led it to be recognized as one of Australia’s most innovative design practices. Under Kieran’s design leadership,CODA has been awarded by the Australian Institute of Architects across commercial, public, urban design, interiors, education and residential categories, as well as winning the Australian Award forUrban Design, and an International Award for Public Participation for their work in community design processes.

CODA’s work has been published internationally, and he has been an invited and keynote speaker at design, planning, architecture and urbanism conferences across Australia.

Kieran is a regular contributor to design studios at Curtin University and the University of WesternAustralia and has served on several professional advisory boards. In 2012, he became an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University.

Future Bayswater Speaker Julian Bolleter

Philip Gresley
Director at Gresley Abas Architects

Philip is an architect and urban designer with over 20 years’ experience applying his passion to the improvement of our built environment. Co-founder of Gresley Abas Architects, an award winning practice that defines itself by an interest in a wide variety of projects, he has led the delivery of such projects as residential buildings to urban planning studies, public art projects to pedestrian bridges, placemaking to community hubs and learning places. Philip is interested in exploring the opportunities of spaces in and around the built forms of our environments and finding innovative ways to enrich them with architecture. In his practice he has gained a wealth of understanding of the creative, re-generative possibilities of the spaces he designs with clients, collaborators and communities.

Philip is an advocate for the importance of peer design review and believes that it is of critical importance to obtain high quality developments. Following a number of years as the chair of the Urban Design Committee at the Australian Institute of Architects and being involved in peer design review of many significant Perth projects, he has joined a number of Design Advisory Committees, including for the City of Fremantle, the MRA, Landcorp and Port Coogee Marina development.

Philip is interested in innovation in affordable and sustainable residential development models and has studied Property Development with the Property Council of Australia. He has also completed the Curtin Growth program in Business at Curtin University Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Most importantly, Philip is a local resident and is very interested in ensuring appropriate processes are implemented to ensure that Bayswater continues to evolve as a great place to live whilst offering new opportunities to work and play here as well.

Seats are limited.
Thursday 1st September, Bayswater Hotel,7.00pm start

Future Bayswater Speaker Series

Thursday Nights,  7pm start

Guest Speakers include
Piers Verstegen - Conservation Council WA
Chiara Pacifici - Head of Sustainability at Psaros
Jemma Green - Research Fellow, Curtin Uni, Councillor, City of Perth, Co-Founder and Chair, Power Ledger
Samantha Reece - WA Apartment Advocacy
Phil Griffiths - Phil Griffiths - Heritage Architect and member of The Heritage Council WA
Kylee Schoonens-  Architect Fratelle Group; Guildford Hotel
Professor Peter Newman
- Curtin Uni Sustainable Policy Institute ( CUSP)
James Best - STAR Consulting - Community Visioning & Collective Impact Expert
Malcolm MacKay - Urban Design & Infill Expert
Bill Hames - Planner, Urban Designer, Architect, Developer
Phil Gresley -  Director, Gresley Abas Architects and Urban Designers
Dr Julian Bolleter - Assistant Professor at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) 
John Del Dosso - Director Valuation and Advisory Services at Colliers International Australia
Stewart Doran - PIA Young Planner, WA, 2015; Co-founder 'Perth Urbanist' website
Keiran Wong - Architect, Co-author of #designperth
Marion Fulker - Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at UWA & CEO Committee for Perth
Trevor Shilton - Director of Cardiovascular Health at the National Heart Foundation (WA) & the Foundation’s national lead for Active LIving.

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