Harness the unique sense of place that Bayswater has in a changing Perth. Your demand for quality is important for the Future Bayswater that is being created.
Respect and Integrate the Heritage.

Why This Is A Key Focus Area

  • It's an opportunity to take a divided community from NIMBY to QIMBY: Not In My Back Yard to Quality In My Backyard
  • Design-in Safety and Surveillance
  • Design-in Health
  • Respect and integrate the heritage
  • Capital improvements to streetscape required
  • Create a confident sense of 'self'
  • Create a new identity as a go-to destination
  • Harness the uniqueness of Bayswater in a changing Perth
  • Create quality public spaces.

Tools We Need to Support
This Key Focus Area

  • Integrated Planning between all State Government Departments.
  • Design Guidelines
  • Design Advisory Commitee
  • Robust planning documents

The Evidence

High Quality Design Of Buildings And Streets Is A Key Element Of Liveable And Resilient Cities

Good urban design means more than great looking buildings; it means places are designed to function well and support the daily activities and quality of life of people

“High quality urban design becomes even more important as we increase the density of our cities and cater for a growing and changing population. It requires excellent planning, design and management of our built environment and the supporting social and economic infrastructure.”
Creating Places for People: An Urban Design Protocol  (Click Link)

The national Urban Design Protocol for Australian cities highlights the importance of quality design of the built environment for future development of cities. High quality urban design can be delivered in a number of ways, each providing a range of benefits.

Four aspects of high quality urban design are listed below.

( Click  on each aspect for more information.)

1. Better design of streets to support active modes of travel, social interaction and human comfort is a fundamental factor in the long-term success of urban environments.

2. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) involves using the design of buildings and public places to minimise opportunities for some types of crime and increase people’s sense of safety.

3. High quality urban design can facilitate urban development that complements the existing urban character and enhances an area’s sense of place. This can be achieved through delivering new development that is sympathetic to the urban environment and heritage of a local area, innovative adaptive reuse of heritage buildings, and the protection of historically significant buildings and places.

4. Although the upfront costs associated with urban design may seem high, it is important to recognise that the benefits are ongoing and considerable, and often the benefits outweigh the costs of doing nothing. Improving the design of the public realm has been found to improve the economic viability of local business areas and main streets, and these improvements have benefits that accrue to the wider community.

Future Bayswater: Future Vision

What is wanted? A livable, vibrant and connected Town Centre.
Why? To become a "go-to" destination rather than a place to "go through" in desperation.
How to do this? By supporting a comprehensive Future Vision via an Activity Centre Plan.
Why Bayswater? It's a strategic inner urban hub that hasn't realised its full potential ... yet.

The 5 key other key areas of focus + action

Community Engagement & Consultation


Vibrancy Through Economic Development

Environmental Enhancement & Sustainablity

Diversity of Housing
Where will your children live?

Your demand for quality is important for the Future Bayswater that is being created.
There has been little change in 50 years but change is coming. How should it be managed?

This site and associated events will help inform our community on the elements of quality town centre planning, the benefits it can deliver and how we can advocate for optimal outcomes that meet the diverse needs and aspirations of current and future residents.

The Key Solution To A Future Bayswater That Is Livable, Vibrant And Connected Is  Robust, Rigorous Planning Supported By A Quality Future Vision

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Speaker Series: Leading housing, economics, planning, urban design, design and heritage experts
Bayswater Growers' Market
The 6053 Pantry
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