Planning 101

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Planning 101. Well sort of...

There are a few things that you, the reader and general public need to know before you (or we) can possibly discuss the important matters concerning planning for the Bayswater Town Centre.

Let's face it, a discussion based on facts and evidence is far more intelligent than one based on opinion, though possibly less  pie-in-your-face exciting.

Here's a very quick and simple run down of the Planning Framework for Western Australia. 
It's a look at only five of the categories below.... the last one being Local Structure Plans, the most controversial topic for Bayswardians, so read on...                                                                    ... and leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


The State Planning Strategy is the big Cheese. Everything planning at every level, State, Regional or Local,  should refer back to this. Follow the arrows - backwards. It provides the strategic context for planning and  development decisions throughout the State.

The strategy is the Vision and Context. You've got to know where you're going and how to make the decisions to get there.

It's not really the Biggest Cheese though: the Planning and Development Act 2005 is the law  that sits above the State Planning Strategy


BOTH these documents address the vision for future growth for Metropolitan Perth.

Released in 2010 

Established the vision for future growth of Perth Metropolitan Areas
Identified sub-region centres for Perth Metro

Released in March 2018 

Builds on the vision of Directions 2031.
Provides the planning framework for four sub-regions, with additional references to Metronet and urban consolidation principals.

So What?
In essence planning for the City of Bayswater and the Town of Bayswater must refer back to, or in "Plan-Speak" have due regard to, these two documents. 

Planning should also have due regard to the Sub-regional Planning Frameworks ...


There are Four Sub-regional Planning Frameworks
Bayswater is in the "Central Sub-regional" Framework
What these frameworks intend to acheive is

  • Consolidate urban form and development
  • Achieve long-term housing requirements
  • Reinforce key employment centres, including activity centres and industrial centres for future community, commerce and industry requirements
  • Make possible a regional infrastructure network including community, health, service, social, tertiary education, regional infrastructure and regional sport
  • Create a green network to support an active and healthy community

When Perth and Peel @3.5Million was released as a draft in 2015, it moved away from reflecting the full Activity Centre hierarchy of Directions 2031. It also introduced 2 new terms, "Station precincts" and "Urban corridors".
The Bayswater Town Centre was classed  as a station precinct, but with Metronet, the release of Perth and Peel@3.5Million in 2018 and the the new Sub - regional Frameworks, things are changing...but we'll deal with that in another blog.


The Local Planning Manual ( March 2010) is the framework to the preparation of local planning strategies which will inform local planning schemes.

The recent community engagement "Building Bayswater" is a part of the City of Bayswater's inaugural Local Planning Strategy. The recommendations can be found here, and our views on it here.

The Local Planning Manual is pretty easy to read, and  the appendix provides a lists to assist councils in preparing their strategy.  Community consultation is only a part of the Local Planning Strategy and there is much to do...

The Building Bayswater Report can be accessed HERE

Future Bayswater has questioned why the results of this report concerning the Bayswater Town Centre has not been acknowledged. Read the blog HERE


A Structure Plan provides a basis for zoning ,including residential density.
And it might be prepared for these reasons

  • identified in a local planning scheme as being suitable for urban development
  • as requirement under a State Planning Policy (SPP)
  • as required by the WAPC for orderly and proper planning purposes.
  • And if your community asks for one

Future Bayswater advocated strongly for a Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan to be created. Although we believe it is "under cooked" in terms of budget, depth of study and proposed zoning, it was recently submitted by the City of Bayswater to the WAPC. 

​Structure plans are not intended to determine built form.
However, the local government and the WAPC need to consider whether the proposed lots are capable of being developed for their intended use, in accordance with the provisions of the local planning scheme and the Residential Design Codes (R-Codes).

Activity Centres are communal focal points that can include commercial, retail, higher density housing, entertainment, civic and higher education uses.

An Activity Centre plan guides the types of of land uses and overall development (including built form). 

An Activity Centre Plan may be prepared for land that is

  • in a State planning policy as requiring the prepartion of an activity centre plan
  • as required by the WAPC for orderly and proper planning purposes

Did the City of Bayswater consider the capability of the built form in the Bayswater Town Centre?
To our knowledge there no such analysis has been done.

The lots are narrow, the topography is unique with over one storey difference between King William St and the rear of the properties.

Future Bayswater has continually maintained that this element of capability has been a serious omission throughout the process of the creation of the Bayswater Town Centre Structure Plan.

Aa ratepayer​ you are entitled to ask your council and councillors whether this ananlysis has been done; and to ask why not. Interested? Contact details HERE. 

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