FuBa Proposal “Option 3A”

 A Better Design for Baysie: Option 3A

When the Metronet proposal for the Bayswater Station precinct has too many CONS and not enough PROS what does #FuBa do?
Create an alternative proposal of course. Option 3A it is then.
One that works better for the community and not "better" for buses and cars.

Some background first...

Metronet presented 4 different options to the Bayswater Station Upgrade Community Advisory Group (CAG) on the 18th July 2018. What was nominated as "Option 2" essentially became the  proposal that was presented to the public by the Premier and Minister for Transport on December 1 at the Bayswater Station.

Since July 2018,  Future Bayswater has met with and written to the Metronet team a number of times expressing our concerns with their preferred option, "Option 2".

So what's a fine community group to do? (No use sitting back and whinging: gotta do something!)

After consultation with Metronet over what we called 'Option 3' - we went back to the drawing board* and created 'OPTION 3A' : a better alternative for the Bayswater Town Centre also taking into account community feedback. We advocate that these ideas should be explored much further.

What do you think?
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Option 3A - The PROS!

Why should you worry about the Metronet Proposal, and why did Future Bayswater?
The bridge and station will loom large - accepted. So far they look great.
But the road design will have significant impact on our town centre. 

The main traffic intersection is located under the bridge, rather than the public space.

Removes the  the proposed community space that was an island surrounded by buses.

The main public space moves out from under the bridges and into the open air.

  • A public space to the south of the station has more integration potential than the narrow space which will remain after Ellenbrook line station is built as proposed by Metronet.
  • Whatley Crescent East becomes the town centre public space... read on.

Whatley Crescent East becomes a shared street for pedestrians and cars.

  • Create much better version of Bayview Tce Claremont/Elizabeth Quay (implement lessons learned).
  • Slow the car speeds right down.
  • Pedestrians are acknowledged within the town centre.
  • Create seamless pedestrian crossing to the railway station.
  • Stroll along the pedestrian actual shopping strip in Bayswater.
  • Maintain short term shopper parking outside the shops.
  • A great place for weekend markets or festival.
  • Activation remains in the remit of Local Council/Community

Bay View Terrace: Terrace Nights

Reconnects Whatley Crescent through to King William Street.

  • According to Metronet, only 11^  local residents use this connection daily ( really?). If this is correct then this shared connection will work. ^ Edited: confirmed by Metronet as "AM peak hour, approximately 11 vehicles go from Whatley Crescent (west of King William) to the area east of King William Street".
    Still checking to get better data

Pedestrians, not buses and cars are the focus. Buses are relegated from being the main feature of the stations, visually, at ground level.

Removal of the level changes in front of Whatley Crescent shops

  • Supports incremental development over time.
  • Shopping strip is pedestrian friendly.
  • Shopper parking directly outside shops.
  • Removes dependency on amalgamation of lots, major earthworks and market conditions for lots to interact at station level.

Whatley Crescent is lowered to the West of the subway.

  • Design Note: this enables sufficient head height for turning traffic under the subway.
  • Design Note: Earthworks cost similar to Option 2: instead of lowering Whatley Crescent East, lower Whatley Cres West.
  • Reduces traffic noise to these houses as they are positioned above the traffic.
  • Closure of Vietch Street prevents rat running , creates exclusive precinct and a landscaped cul-de-sac.

King William Street revitalisation

  • Install Significant Street landscaping.
  • Slow Traffic.
  • Increase street parking.
  • Create an environment like Mount Hawthorn – Scarborough Beach Road.

Mt Hawthorn. Scarborough Beach Rd

Retains same number of bus bays

  • More consolidated design
  • Use the City of Bayswater/Dept of Communities site for bus turn around.
  • Less imposing than then proposed public space 'roundabout'

Leake St Underpass. Design Note: it will be rebuilt in either proposal

Proposals side-by-side for your review

Future Bayswater Option 3A

Metronet Proposal "Option 2" edited to indicate Ellenbrook LIne

Metronet Proposal "Option 2"  - edited to indicate Ellenbrook LIne

Things To Take Into Account...

* The drawings have been created by our in-house architects, planners and draftspeople. They are drawn by hand. They are drawn at 1:1000 ( @A3). There has been no access to precise measurements on CAD or computer.
So they are a set of ideas, not engineering drawings!

Future Bayswater is fortunate to have a large membership group with professional expertise in transport planning; train station design; town planning; architecture; engineering; urban design; place making and much more. Together they have reviewed the proposed plans and have come up with an alternative design Option 3A that takes its lead from the current Metronet Proposal Option 2, but proposes different solutions.  All in volunteer time.

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