The Mural + Len Zuks

Howdy Future Bayswater – I am so thrilled to be asked to facilitate the huge community arts project during the Bayswater Street Festival on Sunday afternoon."
 "Come and join in – everyone grab a paint brush!"

On Sunday 31st March , Future Bayswater is inviting the community take part in a GIANT MURAL with Len Zuks, international sculptor and artist and philosopher-around- town. If you've met him, you'll know what we mean - he's an inspiring wise soul.

Len speaks about the mural project:-

"Here’s my overview of the activity! At my stage in life, being 68, it’s time for giving away of my experience and so I am barely containing my excitement about painting art with a wide age spectrum and especially young people from Bayswater.

Future Bayswater has created the opportunity and embraced my idea for frivolity and insufficient seriousness by pulling me into their orbit of a passionate belief of a better community for the future – they are all the more selfless knowing full well they, themselves, are less than likely to see the full benefit and positive ramifications of their vision for a vibrant and active community in the Town Centre…

Bureaucracy moves slowly and can be blind to new ideas. I love bold ideas and grand projects, but am impatient in nature – so how lucky can a boy (still me) get to have these two qualities together in one epic project in Bayswater – a very large mural that has been seamlessly facilitated by Future Bayswater and made possible by sponsors pouncing with materials (thanks Cabot’s & Selleys), paints (thanks Dulux) and a massive canvas (thanks CMI Combined Metal Industries), with your passion you made this project so possible!

I love the generosities that lurk in civil society that, in this case, has been ignited by an absolutely fabulous idea and the simplicity of the request – it’s for our kids: the FUTURE of Bayswater…

Finally, I thank Future Bayswater – this time! – for the fun, friendship and future opportunities; you are true believers in Citizen Power and the capacity to make positive change happen together.

For my philosophy I am a believer too in Bernoulli's Principle, and in going with the flow, now feel I am one of you.

See you on Sunday"

Len Zuks
Sculptor and Artist
International Olympia Fine Art Association

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