Future Baysie: Liveable, Vibrant & Connected

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Future Bayswater -Liveable, Connected and Vibrant 

Future Bayswater was formed in January 2016 by Bayswater residents as a non-government, not for profit community-based group to help create a more liveable, vibrant and connected town centre.

To achieve this vision Future Bayswater believes that the following 6 key areas of focus and action need to be addressed:•

  • People - live, work and play locally
  • Transport connectivity
  • Vibrancy through economic development
  • Quality design and sense of place
  • Environmental enhancement and sustainability
  • Diversity of housing

 Bayswater town centre is located at a strategically unique location within proximity to the following major attractions:-

Riverside Gardens 




Morley Galleria




Perth Airport


Perth CBD 


The Perth-Midland train line runs through Bayswater town centre with Maylands, Meltham and Bayswater stations all located within the City of Bayswater. Mount Lawley station is shared between City of Bayswater to the south and City of Stirling to the north.

Construction is currently under way by METRONET on the $1.86 billion Forrestfield-Airport railway spur connecting to the Midland line near Bayswater station. Construction is due for completion 2020 and it is expected to generate between 20,000 trips per day increasing to 29,000 trips daily by 2031. As part of the Forrestfield-Airport Link METRONET announced in 2018 that planning for the removal of the Caledonian Avenue crossing in Maylands is under way. Removal of the crossing is to be completed in time for the Forrestfield-Airport Link service commencing in 2020.

It was announced in 2018 that METRONET is planning for the construction of the Morley-Ellenbrook line. To reflect the importance as an interchange station, METRONET also announced in 2018 that Bayswater station will receive a major upgrade worth $86.4 million, with construction expected to start in 2019 and to be completed by late 2020.

The Bayswater Station upgrade will include:-

  • Additional rail infrastructure built between Bayswater and Meltham stations
  • Replacement rail bridge
  • New station located onto the rail bridge
  • Realigned and expanded platforms
  • New public space under the bridge

It was also announced in 2018 that METRONET, in partnership with industry, will invest $394 million into the METRONET Social and Affordable Housing and Jobs Package. This package will :-

  • Provide investment in affordable housing and community facilities centred on transit orientated locations, including METRONET and existing heritage line train precincts
  • develop high-density mixed-use projects to create distinctive dense communities within proximity of METRONET stations
  • Develop smaller scale projects within 800m of METRONET and existing heritage line train precincts

We want to create dynamic communities where people live close to where they work; where they are supported by world-class public transport networks; and where they have parks and shops and all other amenities that contribute to the great Western Australian lifestyle.”

"They lay the groundwork for highly liveable, vibrant new communities particularly through greater infill development around key transport links including the new METRONET stations.”

Ref: https://www.metronet.wa.gov.au/news-info/news/2018-03-23/perth-and-peel-at-3-5million-plans-the-future

Hon. Rita Safiotti
Transport and Planning Minister

For more than two years – in almost a lone hand - Future Bayswater has maintained a strong and determined approach to advocating for investment in, and support for, the revitalisation of the Bayswater Train Station and Town Centre. This has included engaging directly (and often) with our local members of parliament; a number of government ministers at state and federal level, as well as key decision makers in government agencies and industry groups.

Combined with ongoing community engagement and regular communication via social media and other mediums, we have generated a unified agreement – that Bayswater is the place to invest.

Originally the only funding planned for Bayswater Station was to provide a disabled access ramp to the station. We sought much more than this for our local community, for the citizens of Western Australia, and for the visitors to our great state - who will see Bayswater as their first port of call when travelling from Perth Airport on the new Forrestfield-Airport Link. We have been persistent in promoting the benefits of regenerating this important transport-oriented hub and sought real commitments from those in power to invest in Bayswater. It has paid off handsomely with over $86 million allocated for a new station alone by the WA State Government and the potential for much more in the future.

The METRONET investment is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Bayswater, let’s not let it pass us by. Let’s create a more liveable, vibrant and connected town centre.

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