How Do We Achieve Inclusive Prosperity In Bayswater?

How Do We Achieve Inclusive Prosperity in Bayswater?

How do we create a place for everyone?

We live in an amazing suburb!

Bayswater is only 7km from the city, close to public transport, the river and airport.
It's a perfect and unique combination.

But how do we address inter generational equity and a fair-go for all, not just those of us who are here now?
What does the future Bayswater community look like?

Our Elders

It's time to allow our own community to age within the community.

Where can our elders downsize to in their own community?
How do they maintain their independence within the same community without the commitment of old houses and big yards?
The City of Bayswater's Local Housing Strategy declared the following:-

 "As the City is expected to follow national trends with around 25% of its population expected to be aged 65+ years by 2050 (ABS 2006), there is a need to consider housing choices suitable for an ageing population."

Where are the apartments for the independent elderly?

Our Children

Where will our children live?
It's time to help our young folk make their first nest within the community they feel attached to.
For many the first step to residential independence is a small home or apartment.
Small homes in Bayswater, are now beyond the reach of many first home buyers, so where are the apartments?
Let's given them the opportunity to achieve affordable independence while maintaining family  and established social connections.


It's time to welcome new people to our community.
Those who will contribute to our schools, clubs and communities.
Let's create a strong and diverse community.

Housing Choice

There is a serious lack of Housing Diversity and Choice in Bayswater.
Without diversity and choice our kids can't afford to live locally and there are limited options for local people to downsize where established services and good transport are close at hand. Inclusive prosperity for all promotes socio-economic diversity and relieves housing stress due to high mortgages.

to show the proportions of different types of housing in Bayswater by graph

Australian Bureau of Statistics

Bayswater needs to

  • Provide greater ranges and affordable housing stock.
  • Provide our offspring with choices to live in our community.
  • Enable the elderly to age in place.
  • Increase the diversity of our population.


The Draft Design Guidelines for the Bayswater Town Centre addresses the increased choice of housing types by allowing mixed residential opportunities in the heart of the town centre. The future looks bright... on paper.

Rather than placing the most attractive development opportunities in the middle of the town centre in King William/Whatley precinct, they have been put on the periphery and on the opposite side of the town centre away from the shops, library, senior citizens centre and parkland. If you wish to age in place this makes your access much more challenging. It will also be less attractive for aged care providers investment.

The Guidelines propose no change to this precinct with densities. Despite 5-7 storey development of up to 20 metres being allowed since 2012 there has been ZERO development.  By reducing it to 19 metres and making the development conditions more onerous  all the investment and development will go to the north away from the key town centre amenities and services, resulting in further  deterioration.

Why shouldn't there be new apartments in the existing heart of the town centre? It's the only part of the Town Centre that has a pulse. Let's get more people into the heart, and resuscitate it with the young, the old and the diverse.

 It's important that the Design Guidelines respond to the strategy appropriately, and provide the real opportunities to make investment viable and attractive and open up the opportunities for apartments in all areas of the town centre.
The town centre has suffered enough "reports" that lead no where.

If you seriously want balanced options for living in the  town centre
Let Development WA hear from you that...

"The Whatley/King William precinct heights and setbacks need to be reviewed
to attract quality  and diverse investment immediately
to provide better options for housing choice and 
 to drive the renaissance of Bayswater's existing Town Centre."

DevWA comments form HERE (final date 26th August )
Why not wait until you've read all the pros and cons over the next few weeks in the blogs. 
We'll provide a summary as a final piece in this series.

Metronet East Bayswater Draft Design Guidelines can be found in full HERE


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