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Economic Development is the impetus behind vibrant hubs.
It's important that the planning regulations that attract investors to Bayswater are robust as well as supportive.

Why This Is A Key Focus Area

  • There is an urgent need to attract investors/developers to create a retail/hospitality services and lifestyle hub to rival Maylands and Mt Lawley
  • Planning regulations need to be robust, consistent and supportive to attract investors, otherwise they go elsewhere
  • A vibrant hub offers local job opportunities
  • A vibrant hub attracts interested and involved community members
  • A vibrant hub offers needs regular activities and events via 'Place-making'

Tools We Need to Support This Key Focus Area

  • Economic Development Strategy is required for the Town Centre
  • Demographic and Population Studies including migration figures
  • Built Form Economic Study
  • Public Space improvement strategy including funding sourced from rates and  Development Contributions Schemes

Future Bayswater: Future Vision

What is wanted? A livable, vibrant and connected Town Centre.
Why? To become a "go-to" destination rather than a "go through" in desperation.
How to do this? By supporting a comprehensive Future Vision via an Activity Centre Plan.
Why Bayswater? It's a strategic inner urban hub that hasn't realised its full potential ... yet.

The 5 key other key areas of focus + action

Community Engagement & Consultation


Vibrancy Through Economic Development

Environmental Enhancement & Sustainablity

Diversity of Housing
Where will your children live?

Your demand for quality is important for the Future Bayswater that is being created.
There has been little change in 50 years but change is coming. How should it be managed?

This site and associated events will help inform our community on the elements of quality town centre planning, the benefits it can deliver and how we can advocate for optimal outcomes that meet the diverse needs and aspirations of current and future residents.

The Key Solution To A Future Bayswater That Is Livable, Vibrant And Connected Is  Robust, Rigorous Planning Supported By A Quality Future Vision

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