Bayswater Draft Design Guidelines.


...Are the Draft Guidelines Important?

The time has come for Bayswater to shine. Long-time cast in the shadows of other more thriving town centres, like Maylands and Leederville, we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a more inviting, thriving and attractive town centre that bring people of all ages back to Bayswater.

Bayswater will soon have the second busiest train station and town centre precinct outside of Perth CBD resulting from the junction of the Midland line, Forrestfield Airport Link and Morley - Ellenbrook line. Now is the time for Bayswater to become a “go to” destination, rather than a “drive through” destination that it currently is – with the opportunity to create a thriving centre where you can shop, play and work.

The next few blogs will discuss the recently released METRONET EAST DRAFT DESIGN GUIDELINES  created by DevelopmentWA which will create the conditions for Bayswater's future revitalisation.

The Need for Revitalisation

Our local community has been clear that the town centre needs regeneration. The most recent City of Bayswater Community Survey found the Bayswater Town Centre is …

  • The LOWEST rated of all town centres within the City of Bayswater.
  • The LOWEST performing area (lowest out of all 44 survey areas).

Future Bayswater’s extensive community engagement has revealed that the majority of the community wants:

  • A more attractive, inviting and lively town centre with bars, a brewery, restaurants, shops, great spaces and services.
  • A Town Centre that gives other more successful and prosperous town centres a run for their money!!
  • A better place for friends and family to socialise, play and work.
  • High quality development

The Bayswater Town Centre is in Need of Some Love:

The town centre is far less attractive and inviting as many other town centres with:

  • Empty and run-down shops and buildings
  • A lack of local services such as retail shops, medical and social services
  • Local residents shopping and socialising in other town centres
  • A lack of people living in close proximity to the town centre. More people living in the town cetnre would bolster business investment

Ingredients of a Viable Town Centre

If we want the benefits or more and better shops, services and hospitality venues we must ensure investment in the town centre is attractive and viable by:

  • Having more people living in the heart of the town centre, above the shops.
  • Planning for buildings that allow for more population intensity, through increased building heights in the town centre, rather than in the suburb.
  • Providing a mix of uses for town centre buildings

 The City of Bayswater’s own research and extensive community engagement (via the Bayswater Structure Plan and the City’s PIA Award winning Building Bayswater Report) has shown higher intensity in the heart of the town centre is required.


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Metronet East Draft Design Guidelines can be found in full HERE.

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