Demand Quality!

Pretty much most Bayswater Residents agree that QUALITY DEVELOPMENT
is a very high priority for the town centre.

Attracting top-level developers that employ top-level architects producing top-level designs with top-level sustainable environments would underpin QUALITY development, agreed. At Speaker Series #7, Chiara Pacifici certainly demonstrated the inspiring results that can be achieved when a quality developer and a quality architect are on the job.

Consider these two critical points:-

1. Top-level developers and architects look for certainty, preferring clear design guidelines and preferring Design Review Panels. Bayswater is behind the 8 ball already...

2. The economic sweet spot for top-level developers is 5-7 storeys. Bayswater has a unique topography that may well affect the sweet spot. You don't know. Has the City of Bayswater done any economic and design analysis to support any recommendation for the development height limits in the town centre?

If you want QUALITY DEVELOPMENT within the Bayswater Town Centre, you need to understand which factors create and attract Quality Developers. 

Be very aware of attracting poor low-level development.  You may be doing this inadvertently. The belief that lower height limits = better quality is not necessarily true. You might be better off with a set of  clearly articulated design guidelines that protects and demands a quality  pedestrian environment and creates the village/high street feel, rather than focus on height.

Rather than bring out the pitchforks against each other in the community and quibble about height, why not demand QUALITY from the City of Bayswater? Quality Structure Plan ( properly funded)  , quality economic analysis, quality community engagement, quality advocacy for a quality town centre.

(By the way, TPG are doing a marvellous job with a limited budget)

So why the image of the farmer?
You reap what you sow.
Focus on getting the quality seeds in place, to produce a quality outcome.
Demand Quality!

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