Political Party 

What did we Ask?

 Are you or have you been a member of a political party; represented a political party at an election; or worked for a political party?

Why did we ask it?

Although Future Bayswater is non-political we understand that some councillors and candidates are aligned in some way to state or federal political parties. Understanding these alignments can inform voters of a candidates ideology, their connections, their sphere of influence and possibly by whom they are influenced.

West Ward

 Ben Dellar

No I am not and never have been a member of, or involved in a political party. This means my only interest is in what is best for our community as I will not be worried about needing to answer to a party’s direction.

 Terrence Kenyon

Not a member of any political party. Have helped friends both labor and liberal at elections.

 Lorna Clarke

Yes, the Labor Party

 Giorgia Johnson

Member of The Greens

 Martin Toldo

No response received

 Greg Smith

I am a member of the WA Party - the party which advocated for GST reform and a Royal Commission into the WAPC, and Scrapping the DAP. I have formerly been a member of the ALP and the State Executive Planning Committee, and Transport Committee.

South Ward

 Robyn Walsh

Yes, The Greens

 Kate Thomson

Yes I am a member of the Labor Party.

 Elli Petersen-Pik

I'm an independent candidate, and therefore I'm not a member of, or involved in, any political party.

Central  Ward

 Barry McKenna

Yes, the ALP.

 Steven Ostaszewskyj


North Ward

 Stephanie Gray

During the state election campaign earlier this year I joined WA Labor as their values resonated strongly and aligned with my own and those of my family. However, WA Labor does not endorse candidates for local government and I am running independently of any political group.

 Ben Reale-Cornel

Yes – Member of the Liberal Party

Mark Whitehouse

I was asked personally by Ian Britza to help with his last election campaign for the seat of Morley, At the time I was a member of the Liberal Party. However I strongly believe that Councils should be apolitcal and represent the needs of all of the Community in a fair and balance manner and I have mentioned this position in my flyers.

 Michael Anderton

I have been a political party member for 24 years, I have been on a ticket for the upper state house, all though unlike one councillor I have never married a politician and unlike one other councillor do not work for politicians as two of the candidates have.

 Filomena Piffartti

No response received

 Michelle Sutherland

I am a member of the Liberal Party. Not worked for a political party or being a candidate