Future Bayswater
Workshop  #2

Creating + Designing Your New Local Economy

For the  creatives, collaborators, coworkers, entrepreneurs, net-workers and YOU!

Jim Wyatt - Design Thinking and a Design Sprint Workshop
Alina Racu - Local Trib app update
Coutney Babb - Creative Industries in Light Industrial Areas

Monday 18 September 2017

Bayswater Hotel.
78 Railway Pde Bayswater
 7pm start
Seats are limited 
Ticket $5.00

Courtney Babb
Creative Industries in Light Industrial Areas: Research Project.

Courtney is currently leading a student centred research project into the potential for regeneration of light industrial areas in inner urban rail station precincts. The presentation will outline the project and discuss current national and international research on urban development pressures on light industrial areas, the potential for light industrial areas to support small scale manufacturing and creative industries, and innovative land use policy responses.

Alina Racu
Engineer and App Designer

Alina will present an update on the Local Tribe app and co-facilitate the Design Sprint Workshop.

Jim Wyatt
Design Thinking and a Design Sprint!

Jim will be talking about design thinking and will  conducting a design sprint workshop to conclude the evening. By introducing this concept to the group, it will prove to be a useful approach for work-shopping future ideas, issues and challenges. Jim  will present the Innovation Central model and explain how we he help the Bayswater harness this approach.

Monday 18 September, Bayswater Hotel, 7.00pm Start.
Tickets $5.00

Meet The Speakers

Jim Wyatt
Strategic lead at Innovation Central Perth, located at Curtin University in Bentley.

Jim works with Governments, industry and communities across WA, to help improve social and economic amenity through the exploitation of digital technologies and practices.He has worked in both the public and private sectors over the past three decades, promoting digital and technology driven outcomes across three different States and the national arena.

He has over 20 years as an Economic Development practitioner with a focus on ICT, telecommunications and digital.

Jim is a key contributor in driving the Australian digital economy agenda. He is regularly asked to provide advice on strategic ways in which to exploit digital, to achieve economic and social transformation.

He is a trusted advisor on the transformation of Smart Communities and innovative industry practices based on integration of digital technologies and the online world.

Jim holds qualifications in workplace training and assessment, Direct Marketing and telecommunications network design and operations. He is a graduate of the Public Sector Management Program and the Australian Company Directors Course.He is the Deputy Chair of the national Industry Reference Committee, advising on ICT and Digital VET qualifications and skills development.

Alina Racu
Engineer + App Designer

Alina is both an engineer and a creative.
Alongside her creativity, she is a practical person who enjoys getting tasks done.

Alina is passionate about creating communities.
She came across the Future Bayswater purely by chance and got hooked due to the mutual passion for building smart and inspiring communities where we can stay and live for the long term.

Defining the scope of a project and the value it can bring a community, Alina finds she can happily fit in almost any engineering sector.One of the benefits of being a consultant is the opportunity to switch between fields. Dealing in facts and figures is important, but it’s the relationships with clients and with each other that determines success.

Alina has worked for various companies in Perth and Europe, including Tracey Brunstrom &Hammond, Health Information Network and WaterCorp.t.

Courtney Babb
Lecturer in urban and regional planning in the School of Built Environment, Curtin University

Courtney Babb is a lecturer in urban and regional planning in the School of Built Environment, Curtin University.

His teaching focuses on integrating planning for transport and land use in cities and employment, research methods for urban planning, and participatory governance in urban planning issues.

His research projects have included planning for Transit Oriented Developments; travel demand management; the influence of neighbourhood built environments on children’s travel; planning for walkable cities; and the impact of sharing economies on employment space in cities.

He has previously been Research Associate with the Planning and Transport Research Centre (PATREC) and a researcher with GAMUT (Australian Centre for the Governance and Management of Urban Transport).

Seats are limited.
MOnday 18 September, Bayswater Hotel,7.00pm start

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Future Bayswater: Future Vision

What is wanted? A livable, vibrant and connected Town Centre.
Why? To become a "go-to" destination rather than a "go through" in desperation.
How to do this? By supporting a comprehensive Future Vision via an Activity Centre Plan.
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