9 May 2017    Eastern Reporter

Written by Toyah Shakespeare

Residents hopeful PFL funds will be deferred towards Bayswater train station upgrade

A BAYSWATER community group says it will welcome funding available after the cancellation of the Perth Freight Link (PFL) to go towards Bayswater station upgrades, including sinking the station...

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17 February   The Perth Voice Interactive

Written by Trilokesh Chanmugam


AN APP which marries small business owners with cheap unused premises will help transform Bayswater into a ‘Smart City’, says Future Bayswater chair Paul Shanahan.

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21 February 2017   The West, Inside Cover

Artful Protest

Community activists in Bayswater pretended to get a drilling rig stuck under the infamous Bayswater subway on Sunday to promote the idea of sinking the local train station.
The rig, dubbed the Armadrillo, is a bona fide masterpiece by WA artist Len Zuks

22February   The West

Written by Helen Shield

Bayswater begs for rail tunnel to bring suburb back together

Future Bayswater, a residents group campaigning for better planning and higher-density development near Bayswater train station, staged a comical stunt over the weekend to draw attention to their cause.
The residents, with the help of artist and sculptor Len Zuks who made a mock drilling machine, staged getting it “stuck” under the Bayswater subway.

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22 February 2017   The West, Digital Edition

Dean Alston

Colin Humour...

"About time you sank the Baysie Station..."
"Well, we sank the Ellenbrook station...so far down we can't find it Hyuck..."

20 February  Eastern Reporter

Written by Toyah Shakespeare

Bayswater train station stunt drills down on subway

ART imitated life on Sunday when a Bayswater community group pulled an elaborate election stunt at the plagued Bayswater train station.Group Future Bayswater commissioned sculptor Len Zuks to create the ‘Armadrillo’, a sculpture that represents a drilling machine that would carry out tunnelling works on the Forrestfield Airport Link.

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8 February 2017  6PR 882 MORNINGS

Host Gareth Parker

The Future of Bayswater

PaulShanahan talks about the potential of Bayswater, including its heritage. The FAL is a game changer for Bayswater. The current planning is an engineering solution, and if the Station is sunk, it would lead to a regeneration of the area and a far more vibrant and economically sustainable area.

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26 January 2017 Australia Day

City of Bayswater - Australia Day Award

Active Citizenship Awards

Fostering Australian pride and spirit through active citizenship and outstanding contribution to the community.

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24 January 2017  Eastern Reporter

Writtenn by Toyah Shakespeare

Plan to ‘future proof’ train station

A MELTHAM station precinct structure plan featuring six-storey building heights could “future-proof” the train station from closure, according to a Bayswater group.

Building and construction company Pindan contracted Planning Solutions to create the plan, aimed at encouraging higher density and mixed-use development around Meltham train station.

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24 November 2016 The West

Written by Helen Shield

Heritage, development can co-exist, architect tells Bayswater

Heritage architect Philip Griffiths has warned against using heritage as a blocker to development and density in a forum supporting community group Future Bayswater’s attempts to reactivate the Bayswater town centre.Mr Griffiths acknowledged residents’ concerns that preserving heritage in Bayswater was “killing it” because there was very little retail left, with the pub, which he described as “heritage played with” a stand-out commercial success.

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2 November 2016,   The West

Written by Claire Tyrrell

Architect to urge Bayswater to take fresh look at heritage

Heritage architect Philip Griffiths will tell a Bayswater audience to take a fresh look at its heritage before making decisions on its town centre.Mr Griffiths is speaking at Bayswater Hotel next week as part of a Future Bayswater event, ahead of the area’s redevelopment.He said the community should not feel stifled by its heritage but find ways to embrace it.“In the past, Fremantle has been hamstrung by heritage,” he said.“People felt they couldn’t do anything.

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5 October  2016, The West

Written by Claire Tyrrell

Walkability key to making cities vibrant: academic

Walkability is the key to transforming Bayswater into a vibrant town centre, a transport expert has told a community group.Curtin Universtity professor of sustainability Peter Newman said sinking the Forrestfield airport link under Bayswater would be central to future growth.“You want to have a centre that is cool, creative and connected, and that means a more walkable centre, ” he said.
“Walkability is the new competitive edge in creating a knowledge economy,” Professor Newman told 50 residents at the Bayswater Hotel on Thursday .

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30 August 2016,   Eastern Reporter

Written by Toyah Shakespeare

City of Bayswater: seven community groups to get say on town plan

REPRESENTATIVES from seven selected community groups will help inform the creation of a Bayswater town centre structure plan.The structure plan, being put together by TPG, is set to guide future development in the Bayswater town centre.At a City of Bayswater meeting held last week, the council endorsed the community and stakeholder engagement plan for the preparation of the structure plan.

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24 August  2016, The West

Written by Helen Shield

Inner-city Perth residents urged to be realistic about height, density

Heavyweight design and planning experts have urged residents to take a realistic approach to density, warning that low, flat cities — the inevitable outcome of a no-change approach — were hot, less green and cost more.Committee for Perth chief executive Marion Fulker urged the “silent majority ... to have some courage and be a part, from an informed perspective, of the discussion about what you want for the future”.Architect, urban designer and founder of Hames Sharley, Bill Hames said if inner-city Perth residents chose to “pull up the drawbridge” they would need to make plans to visit their grandchildren in “South Geraldton” or “North Bunbury” because these would be the affordable suburbs of the future.

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12 August 2016,   The West

Written by Helen Shield

Taking Bayswater back to the future

t’s a plea. For transport, housing, jobs and a thriving community centre. It’s a meeting of long-time Bayswater residents, some third generation, who can remember when the town centre had two hardware stores, Sailor Blues — the old record shop, a dress shop, a couple of butchers, a Charlie Carters supermarket, a chemist ...Meet Future Bayswater, a group of residents — young, old, small business operators, teachers, architects — boasting resumes replete with experience in place-making, planning, infrastructure development, healthy communities and transport, who want to build the framework for a liveable, vibrant, connected town centre.

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29 July 2016, The Perth Voice

Written by David Bell

Local pack talk on the Future of Bayswater

A “VISIONING” event run by community and business group Future Bayswater has been a smash, with more than 150 interested locals packing out the local bowling club.Paul Shanahan from FB says they weren’t sure what to expect after setting up a series of talks involving planning experts, who’ll give locals ideas about how they could shape the town centre.“The Bayswater bowling club was packed and the event became standing room only very quickly. It’s obvious Baysie residents are keen to have a conversation about what the future could look like at the town centre,” Mr Shanahan says.

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July  2016,   The Perth Voice

Written by David Bell

Experts in for Baysie Future

Future Bayswater will be bringing in planning experts to speak at a series of public forums designed to generated ideas for shaping the city into the future.
Made up of business owners and residents, the newish group's main campaign so far has been pushing Bayswater council over a structure plan for the town centre and  train station.

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1 July 2016, The Perth Voice

Written by David Bell

Station Wishlist

BAYSWATER council has sent the Barnett government a 10-point wishlist from ratepayers wanting the aging Baysy train station tarted up.But despite sinking the station being punters’ top priority, it’s off the table for now.The station will soon become a gateway to the city for passengers coming from the airport along the new Forrestfield-Airport link.

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1 June 2016,   Eastern Reporter

Written by Toyah Shakespeare

Federal Election: Perth Liberal candidate Jeremy Quinn supports sinking Bayswater Train Station – but no word on funding

FEDERAL Perth Liberal candidate Jeremy Quinn says the sinking of the Bayswater Train Station is “on the table” if he is elected – but would not confirm whether he would push for it to be federally funded.
Mr Quinn, Federal Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor and WA Senator Dean Smith met with members of Future Bayswater and Baysie Rollers this week to discuss the need for upgrades to the station and plans to sink.

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31 March 2016, The Perth Voice


Seven Storey Action Looms

PPROVAL of a seven-storey apartment block in King William Street faces a legal challenge from Bayswater city council.The 27-unit block was controversially approved by the local development assessments panel.In a 5-4 vote the council decided Tuesday to seek legal advice regarding an appeal.Locals are split on the project.An action group opposed to the project says the area has a five-storey limit and trying to squeeze seven storeys into the area “is just too much”.
But Paul Shanahan from Future Bayswater welcomes the project’s approval and is concerned the council’s intention to challenge it will send the wrong message to investors.“Bayswater is a wonderful place. There’s so much potential,” he says.“We really hope the council doesn’t go down that path.”He says local professionals are concerned developers may get the message, “it’s too hard to do business here”.

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30 March 2016,   WA Today

Written by Emma Young

State reconsiders high-rise rules as Bayswater residents plead for density

As the state government considers tightening design rules on Perth high-rise developments, Bayswater residents are pleading for safe passage for their town centre's first multi-storey building.Outgoing Planning Minister John Day has instructed his department to prepare a new state planning policy and guidelines on "building design issues" amid contention about infill around Perth.

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31 March 2016, The Perth Voice

Written by Emmie Dowling

Higher Baysy

A NEW residents’ group is pushing for Bayswater council to hold the line against opponents of its plans for a five-storey city centre.Future Bayswater formed after groups such as Keith Clements’ Bayswater Deserves Better started pushing for the council to put a three-storey cap in a structure plan for the precinct that it’s currently developing.Future Bayswater member Paul Shanahan says developers may walk if the city isn’t bold enough to embrace high-rise.He’s talked with “several” friends in the building business and has formed the view three storeys is unviable. The “sweet point” is five, he says.“We’re concerned if this motion got through, a lack of development would occur,” the former council candidate says.

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1 October 2015,  www.abc.net.au

Written by Jessica Strutt

Bayswater residents want new train station under Airport Link project

Bayswater residents are lobbying the WA Government for a major upgrade of their train station and its surrounds as part of its $2 billion Airport Rail Link project.While the new spur line will start near the Bayswater town centre, the Government's plan does not include a substantial redevelopment of the existing train station or any increased parking.Documents released by the Public Transport Authority reveal that under the project, changes to the Bayswater Station would be "limited to ensuring it is fully Disability and Discrimination Act compliant"..

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