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Armadrillo Colouring In!

The kids has a wonderful day out at the Armadrillo Big Reveal #ConnectBayswater #SinkTheStation.There were Theatresports games, Model Railway shunting puzzles and… coloring In!Colour- in drawings supplied by the Armadrillo Sculpture artist Len Zuks. Rory gets a special mention with 4 drawings, and we think we can spy an adult in there who must have been […]

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Demand Quality!

Pretty much most Bayswater Residents agree that QUALITY DEVELOPMENTis a very high priority for the town centre.Attracting top-level developers that employ top-level architects producing top-level designs with top-level sustainable environments would underpin QUALITY development, agreed. At Speaker Series #7, Chiara Pacifici certainly demonstrated the inspiring results that can be achieved when a quality developer and a […]

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